Thursday, August 5, 2010

birth of the blog

Upon the suggestion by many of my friends over the years, I've finally decided to start a music blog.  One of my greatest joys in life is telling others about great music, usually stuff that you don't really hear on the radio or see on television, save for a few select radio stations and cable channels out there.  I listen to a lot of music, and would describe my tastes as eclectic.  I will listen to anything once, and enjoy combing the entire music spectrum on the road to new musical discoveries.
A word on "genres:"  as we move forward in time, music seems to have become more and more difficult to categorize into musical genres (e.g. Jazz, Rock, Pop, Blues, Classical, Gospel, Country, etc.).  There is a great deal of "cross-over" where, for example, you might find an artist who is equal parts Jazz and Electronic, making it difficult to categorize them as one or the other.  Which brings me to the goal of this blog:  to inform people of what I vaguely refer to as "quality music."  Exciting, goosebump-inducing, adrenaline-stirring aural stimulation.
I may occasionally mention films and other art medium on here, but foresee the main medium to be music.  Hopefully my words will encourage and expand others' tastes in music, and help steer popular music to a much higher standard, where the listeners dictate what we hear, rather than corporations.

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